This blog is a social and interactive discussion of Membrane products:

Membrane Service Proxy

Membrane Service Proxy is an reverse HTTP proxy and framework written in Java, licensed under the ASF 2.0 Open Source License, that can be used to:

  • create service proxies out of SOAP and REST services
  • integrate services over HTTP
  • expose internal services to the internet
  • secure services
  • convert Web Services to REST resources

Membrane Monitor

Membrane Monitor is used to capture, analyze and manipulate HTTP and SOAP messages.

Membrane SOA Model

Membrane SOA Model is a Java API for WSDL and XML Schema with a list of command line tools to compare and analyze WSDL and Schema documents.

Membrane SOA Registry

Membrane SOA Registry is an open source Web Services Registry providing:

  • Availability and performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of WSDL changes and versioning
  • A generic Web Services client for testing
  • A Web Service lifetime history
  • Alerting over an Atom newsfeed
  • Web 2.0 features like tagging and rating
  • Dependency Management
  • Reporting
  • Endpoint Management
  • Realtime performance monitoring

Membrane SOAP Client

Membrane SOAP Client is a generic SOAP client written in Java. It provides a dynamic form generator for SOAP requests.

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