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Membrane Router as JBoss Service (MBean)

I had to deploy Membrane Router at a data center but the only deployment options I had were EAR, WAR or SAR (JBoss Service) archives. So I created a JBoss services that wrapped the router. Listing 1 shows the MBean interface for the router service. There are two getter/setter pairs for the routers Spring configuration and the routing rules configuration.

package com.predic8.membrane.core;

public interface RouterServiceMBean {
    public void start() throws Exception;
    public void stop() throws Exception;
	public void setRulesXml(String rulesXml);
	public String getRulesXml();
	public void setMonitorBeansXml(String monitorBeansXml);
	public String getMonitorBeansXml();

RouterService implements the RouterServiceMBean. All the magic is in the start method that starts the router.

package com.predic8.membrane.core;

import org.apache.commons.logging.*;

public class RouterService implements RouterServiceMBean {

	private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(RouterService.class.getName());

	Router router;
	private String monitorBeansXml="classpath:monitor-beans.xml";
	private String rulesXml="classpath:rules.xml";
    public void start() throws Exception {
    	router = Router.init(monitorBeansXml);
        log.info("Router started");

	public void stop() throws Exception {
        log.info("Router stopped");

	public String getMonitorBeansXml() {
		return monitorBeansXml;

	public void setMonitorBeansXml(String monitorBeansXml) {
		this.monitorBeansXml = monitorBeansXml;

	public String getRulesXml() {
		return rulesXml;

	public void setRulesXml(String rulesXml) {
		this.rulesXml = rulesXml;


What’s left is a jboss-service.xml that configures the RouterService.

		<mbean code="com.predic8.membrane.core.RouterService" name="com.predic8:service=RouterService">
			 <attribute name="MonitorBeansXml">classpath:monitor-beans.xml</attribute>			
			 <attribute name="RulesXml">classpath:rules.xml</attribute>			

At last we have to put all together with the Membrane libraries into a SAR archive that can be deployed at a JBoss server instance.

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